Supercharge your BI and Data Workflows with Generative AI

Empower decision makers by unleashing insights from data and content, any time, anywhere.

Platform Features
Smart Assistants

Simplify complex business processes with HALLMARK's multi-modal AI - Smart Assistants. Seamlessly integrate human expertise with advanced language models to enhance your data lifecycle.

Enable AI agents with custom analytics and task completion skills for your business

HALLMARK AI Agents can be tailored for advanced analytics and efficient task completion, that meet your specific business goals.

Task Automation

LLM driven automated task solving with advanced inference features, and human involvement at different levels, while handling ambiguity, feedback, progress, and collaboration.

Multi-modal Insights

Multi-agent systems to analyze data in databases and tables, images, formulae and visualizations in documents, audio and video recordings, for comprehensive  insights across business processes. 

Unprecedented Productivity

Empowering your processes and teams with AI backed data workflows to unlock new efficiencies, and significantly improve decision-making, insightful reporting, and timely alert generation.

Platform Features


HALLMARK AI Co-pilots: Elevate data analysis and decision-making. Effortlessly explore databases and documents with our sophisticated LLM technology, delivering tailored insights and smarter data solutions

HALLMARK AI Content Analysis and Insights

Dynamic Data Queries

Agents interact with databases to fetch, filter, and analyze data based on natural language user queries. Enable you to obtain real-time business insights without manual database handling, ensuring quick decision-making.

Automated Reports

Agents collate data from various sources and automatically generate comprehensive reports. You benefit from time saved, accuracy of report content, and consistent formatting for business presentations.

Document Summarization

Agents scan lengthy documents and provide concise summaries, highlighting key points. You and your team can quickly understand essential information, and easily assimilate large volumes of content.

Advanced Trend Projection

Drawing from past data, agents extrapolate future patterns in sales, market dynamics, and critical business parameters. Your company benefits from anticipating market shifts, informed strategy formulation and maintaining a market vanguard position.

Compliance Checker

Agents review business processes and documents to ensure they adhere to regulatory and company standards. You can minimize legal risks, and ensure business operations are compliant, and reduce the manual effort of compliance checks.

Feedback Analysis

Agents analyze customer feedback from various sources to identify sentiments, trends, and areas of improvement. You focus on enhancing customer satisfaction, and optimize products/services based on real feedback.



Assistants / Agents





Real-time and Ready for the Enterprise

HALLMARK Platform is a robust enterprise-grade platform for Realtime  Contextual Business Intelligence

Gift your team the Superpower of Now.

  • Scalable, AI-driven insights at your fingertips

  • Customizable workflows for diverse business needs

  • Enhanced decision-making with predictive analytics

  • Streamlined data integration and processing

Enterprise Grade Analytics Automation

Customer Use Cases


Unlock advanced AI insights to enhance data analysis and streamline data workflows effortlessly


Comprehensive Business Insights

Gain access to comprehensive business intelligence from your business data, authorized third-party data, as well as internet resources. Drive informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Efficiency and Compliance

Automate time-consuming data analysis tasks and enable direct access to insights from anywhere! Enable your organization to operate more efficiently and effectively in a dynamic business environment.


Advanced AI Integration

Harness the power of Generative AI technology for enhanced decision-making with context-specific insights, and automating tasks with precision, to stay ahead of the curve.


Platform Plans and Prices

Subscription Plans

(1 Week Unrestricted Trial)



Single User Account

Enterprise Data Analytics
Co-pilot Studio
Co-pilots and Agents

Bonus: One Custom Co-pilot

Data Warrior
(Minimum 5 User Accounts)




All Starter features

Unlimited Dashboards 
Embed Dashboards
1 x Copilot to Chatbot Upgrade

20% discount for Annual Plan

(Flexible Configurations)




All Premium features

Custom Support Plans

White-labeled Dashboards
Commercialize your CoPilots
Managed or On-premises 

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